About Us

Your Sydney based wrecking yard dismantling 4x4 vehicles

Specialising in Toyota Hilux, Nissan Pathfinder, Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Patrol and more

General Conditions

All Mechanical parts sold carry a 6 month 10.000kms warranty from the date of invoice unless otherwise stated.

All electrical or electronic parts sold carry a 3 month 5,000kms warranty from the date of invoice unless otherwise stated.

All Model 4WD Spares Pty Ltd will not be responsible for consequential loss including car hire, accommodation, damage, loss of income, additional costs/ down time due to failure of the part sold or delays with part delivery.

Warranty is void if parts are dismantled or tampered with. Items returned under warranty must be complete as sold accompanied with the invoice.

Accessories, if fitted to a used engine, such as manifolds, flywheels, clutch, carburetors, fuel pumps, water pumps, diesel injection pumps and injectors, are supplied for your convenience only. You may replace them with your own if you wish as they are not covered by our warranty.

Goods not required must be returned within 14 days (at purchasers expense) and may be accepted at the company's discretion.

Good cannot be returned if a special order or cut sections to order at customers request.

Labour costs will not be met unless prior arrangements have been made.

All Model 4WD Spares cannot be responsible for any goods lost or damaged in transit by courier or transport company.

Warranty will not be recognised where any failure or defect is caused by;

Insufficient or incorrect oil and lubricants.

Overheating and or Heat Tab Missing.

Misuse or Negligence.

Failure to carry out proper maintenance.

Fitted to other than the manufacturers supply.

Improper installation or application.

All Model 4WD Spares reserves the right to a specified repairer of their request.

In the fitment of automatic transmissions, ensure all cooling lines and oil coolers are flushed and cleaned prior to filling with oil.

All Model 4WD Spares cannot be responsible for any misrepresentation of mode verbally supplied by customer.

Title of property does not pass to the purchaser until full payment of said goods is received.

Making a Claim

All Model 4WD Spares to be notified of any claim prior to any warranty work commencing.

Any Work undertaken without consent will not be recognised.

All Model 4WD Spares reserves the right to exchange, replace or repair all goods under warranty.

The above is a statement of the warranty policy of All Model 4WD Spares Pty Ltd and is not intended to invalidate any rights you may have under appropriate State or Federal Legislation.

All Engine Warranty Conditions

General Warranty conditions appear on back of invoice. Front and back seal, timing belt must be changed. Radiator must be checked to be adequate for new motor and reciept of test must be shown on request if needed. All filters (air, oil, fuel) must be replaced by genuine only & all oils and coolants to be genuine as per manufacturers specifications. Thermostat must be replaced regardless of age with genuine factory part!

6 Months

Parts only warranty - No Labour

SBI 3 Months Warranty

3 months warranty, parts only - no labour or freight.

Start Only

Part Guaranteed to start and run under load only. No further warranty there after.

Void Warranty Applies

Turbo units fitted other than factory specifications.